• Want a personal stylist like the stars have?
    Have you guys tried styling services? For a $20 styling fee (that is applied to purchases) you get a box of 5-7 items to try on at home.  I just dipped my toe in and so far I’m not sold.  I tried Wantable after reading a lot of great reviews. The first box was totallyContinue reading “Want a personal stylist like the stars have?”
  • Sold!!
    I have had a Longchamp tote sitting around for over a year. I really didn’t love so I decided to sell it. After looking at the potential pay out from local reseller Uptown Cheapskate, I decided to check out an online reseller. I decided to try Poshmark because you get to set your own askingContinue reading “Sold!!”
  • The Sustainable Fashionista
    Who is she? She’s that friend we all have who is great at reworking pieces she already has in her closet and always pulls off something spectacular. She’s the friend who hits the thrift store and comes out with bag after bag after bag. She’s the one who rocks that five year old pencil skirtContinue reading “The Sustainable Fashionista”
  • Audrey would be proud…
    Audrey would be proud…             The iconic red lip. Worn by twenty-somethings and great grandmothers. Anyone, and I mean anyone can rock a red lip. I took me a while to find my shade. Some were too orange and made my teeth look grey and some had too much blue pigment. But once I found myContinue reading “Audrey would be proud…”
  • Put it on Paper…
    Do you guys journal? I’ve been keeping some sort of a journal all my life. I actually had a diary with the little lock on it. I took the key to school with me but I’m certain that my mother could open it with a bobby pin! I’d love to be able to read thatContinue reading “Put it on Paper…”
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