Want a personal stylist like the stars have?

Have you guys tried styling services? For a $20 styling fee (that is applied to purchases) you get a box of 5-7 items to try on at home.  I just dipped my toe in and so far I’m not sold.

 I tried Wantable after reading a lot of great reviews. The first box was totally off. There were things in the “Edit” as they call it that I specifically said I didn’t need. I returned everything but was able to leave a detailed note for my stylist. The next box was right on target. I loved everything but most of the pieces were too small. The brands that they carry (none of which I had heard of) were cut more like a junior plus that a woman’s plus size. The quality of the clothing was outstanding. There was, however, an issue with the return ship date. You are supposed to have 5 days to try the items, but I ended up with only 2 days before they were to be returned. I wrote to customer service and they refunded my styling fee and extended the return window. Great customer service. I would recommend Wantable if you want high quality items at fair prices.

Stitchfix works the same way. They call their boxes a “Fix”. The clothes fit well, and the quality was great. I recognized some of the brands, but the prices were a bit steep. There was a pair of black legging that fit well and were a really nice quality. They were $89 and I felt like I could get Spanx for that price. There was a cute t-shirt, from a brand I did not know, that was $49 dollars. Again, a hard pass. StitchFix’s sizing was more accurate and I had plenty of time to decide if I was keeping anything.

Both services send you a bag to use for returning items you don’t love. You can drop it at the post office or since it’s prepaid you can arrange a pickup from your home or office.

I told you guys that I was going to try shopping for preowned clothes for the Fall. Well, I was looking around on the Thred Up website and it turns out they offer a styling service too! They call it a Goody Box. Just like other styling boxes they ask you some questions about what you are looking for and about your style. For a $10 styling fee (that applies to anything you buy from the box) you get 10 items to try on at home for five days. Keep what you like and return the rest…for free! So, I gave in and tried the Goody Box! It ships in 10-14 days. I’ll do a review of the items I receive. Stay tuned!

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I'm a foodie, want to be runner and a lover of fashion in any way, shape or form.

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