I have had a Longchamp tote sitting around for over a year. I really didn’t love so I decided to sell it. After looking at the potential pay out from local reseller Uptown Cheapskate, I decided to check out an online reseller. I decided to try Poshmark because you get to set your own asking price.  I downloaded the app and snapped a few pics of the bag. It was so easy to post the listing. Over 500 people liked the bag and I had 5 or 6 people ask for more details. Within a week I had a buyer at my full asking price which was about half of what I paid for it! Poshmark emailed me a prepaid shipping label. I packed the bag in a priority mail box and sent it on its way to its new home. After the buyer receives the shipment, they can either accept or reject it. If the item is as it was advertised, they accept it and boom you have your first positive rating! A day later I had my money! Now I’m on the hunt for other things that I can sell. Hello, money!

Published by shelly cotten

I'm a foodie, want to be runner and a lover of fashion in any way, shape or form.

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