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Who is she? She’s that friend we all have who is great at reworking pieces she already has in her closet and always pulls off something spectacular. She’s the friend who hits the thrift store and comes out with bag after bag after bag. She’s the one who rocks that five year old pencil skirt like it’s fresh out of Nordstrom! Could we all be a little more sustainable? Buy a little less and be content with what we have? In 2020 I plan on shopping in my closet more. I plan to revive some older pieces and make do with less. I’m even game to hit up a thrift store or two. Who’s with me?

To be sustainable means “to have a responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality”. That’s a mouthful! To me be being a sustainable fashion lover means using what we already have to it’s fullest and buying less. It also means wearing things that are already out there…thrifting. It can also mean selling or gifting what you aren’t using to someone who will.

I have to admit that I’ve never been a lover of shopping pre-owned clothes. I love the way a brand new shirt looks and smell and feels. Used clothes seem, well, used. It’s also a challenge to find used clothes in my size. I hear that there is a really cool plus size thrift shop in Portland Washington but that’s a bit far. And taking a trip there would increase my carbon footprint so…

Okay, you guys. Time to share a secret. I have this thing. This thing about seeing people in my giveaways! I feel immediately regretful and possessive. I want my blue dress back! True, I hadn’t worn that dress in years but seeing someone else in it brought out the inner child in me. Mine, mine, mine! At least she looked cute in it! When I was younger my Mom used to give my gently worn item to a girl l I went to school with. We rode the bus together and all. So I was constantly looking at that sweater I had loved being worn by someone else. My jacket! My jeans! Ugh…I feel like I’ve been traumatized by it all.

For the sake of the Earth and my wallet I’m willing to wear what I already have a bit longer and not buy so much new. Thrifting? I don’t know if it’s really my thing but I’m willing to give it try. Where do you thrift shop? What have you snagged at a pre-owned shop? Anyone get a deal on something crush worthy? Put it in the comments and tell your friends to come join us!

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