Are You Still Sane?

So, it’s Friday night and it’s day 8,455 of the quarantine. Some things are starting to slowly reopen and folks are feeling all kind of ways about that. Earlier this week I was determined to stay hunkered down and be conservative. Now I JUST want to go to Target and to get a manicure and pedicure. I want to hug my friends! I miss you guys so much.

With all the time I’ve had at home you’d think that my condo would be spotless. Oh honey. Let me tell you. I have so many projects I could be working on but I’m just not feeling it. I haven’t even felt like writing. This time is so unprecedented that we don’t really know how to respond. Being stuck at home and out of my normal routine really has me feeling out of sorts.

Instead of focusing on getting a mountain of things done today, I decided to focus on staying well…staying sane. You don’t have to be productive every minute of the day right now. It’s okay to rest and think and to breath. Today will be for self care, whatever that might look like. Whether you are going to recharge yourself physically or spiritually just do it . Read a comforting scripture or give yourself a foot massage. Or do both! Just take care of yourself and those that matter to you.

This pandemic will end. We don’t know how but there will be an ending to this. Our new normal might be unfamiliar but who’s to say that it won’t have positives of it’s own? Right now do the best that you can. Stay safe and sane. Be well my friends.

Published by shelly cotten

I'm a foodie, want to be runner and a lover of fashion in any way, shape or form.

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