Could you do it?

Could you go a whole month without shopping? Could you? No new clothes, shoes, make-up or accessories. I’ve tried and to be honest I’ve never succeeded. A girl need to get her shopping on, right? There are people online who have gone a whole YEAR without shopping! They only replace things that wear out. I think the only clothing item I’ve ever honestly wore out was one pair of jeans and maybe a pair of flip flops.

Honestly, the minimalist vibe really resonates with me. I’d love (I think) to have a small capsule wardrobe of high quality mix and match pieces. I think it would make my life simpler. If you only have four skirts it’s hard to get too hung up on which one to wear. Your bedroom shouldn’t look like a walk in closet!

Do you know how I know I have too much stuff? I once wore one black pump and one navy pump to a meeting. At the time I had so many shoes it was hard to tell heads from tales. They were all over the place! If I only had a few pairs of shoes that wouldn’t happen again. I’d be out the door in a jiffy instead of staring sleepily at a closet busting at the seams with clothes. I get overwhelmed because of the amount of clothing I have. It’s hard to choose when you have so many options and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for too.

I once work at the airport and wore a uniform. It was itchy and not at all fashionable. I remember how easy it was to plan for the week, though. I had a choice of grey pants, a red skirt or a grey split skirt thing. For tops we wore a striped button down shirt and a tie. I had two red cardigans and that was it. I rotated two pair of black pumps and a pair of black sneakers. Thinking back that wasn’t so bad. What if I packed away all my clothes except a select few pieces for 6 months? That would be a good test. I already wear the same black skirt twice a week anyway. I bet I wouldn’t miss a lot of the things I have. Hmmm…

  I got the shopping bug early and I know it’s a habit I need to get in check. I shop like it’s a sport not a necessity. I shop when I’m bored and when I’m happy or sad. I need ( and want) to change my mindset when it comes to having more things. Would not shopping for 30 days give me the jump-start I need? Would it help me focus on the more important things? Would it help me be more content with what I have? Well… I’m up for the challenge. Are you?

Published by shelly cotten

I'm a foodie, want to be runner and a lover of fashion in any way, shape or form.

One thought on “Could you do it?

  1. Hi Shelly I love it. Congratulations

    I didn’t know they still have the Belvedere square still open that use to be my place back in the day. Love ya and miss you keep doing your thing hope you are doing well stay safe


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